It’s no fun if you can’t stop playing. Anyone who plays more frequently or bets more money than they were anticipating could be in danger of becoming addicted to gambling.

I often try to compensate for my losses by making more bets.
I no longer have my gambling behaviour under control.
I hide my gambling behaviour from friends and family.
I often blame myself after I have gambled.
I can no longer do without gambling for an extended period.
For me, gambling is an escape from stress, problems or worries.
I have to borrow money to be able to gamble.
My private/professional life suffers because of my gambling.


More than 10 million people enjoy the excitement and entertainment of playing gambling machines in casinos and restaurants when they observe a couple of basic rules:

  • Gambling machines are there for entertainment. Don’t play them to escape problems or worries!
  • Always set an exact financial limit before beginning to gamble!
  • Be informed before you start playing about the the rules of the game and your chances for winning!
  • Be careful that other freetime activities do not suffer as a result!
  • Set exact limits on your gambling frequency (e. g. days/ month) and time allowance (e. g. hours/day)!
  • Only gamble with money that you don’t need for other important things!
  • Never play with money you’ve borrowed!
  • Take regular breaks from gambling!
  • Don’t try to win back lost money with new bets!
  • Even if it is very difficult, stop playing after a lucky streak and take your winnings home!